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Captured Moments

Captured Moments.webp

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In 2008, the poetry students attending the Beginning Poetry Writing Workshop of the Christopher Wren Association (at William & Mary) had established a social relationship as well as a desire to continue to improve their poetry-writing skills. The workshop leader, Ed Lull, a member of the Williamsburg Poetry Workshop at the time, decided to initiate a new workshop to accommodate the new poets; it was named the James City Poets (JCP) Workshop. The members agreed to meet twice a month from September to June, a practice that is still in place. In the ensuing nine years, some of the original members moved on and new ones joined to reach its current membership of eleven poets. In 2013, eight JCP members joined with nine members of the Williamsburg Poetry Workshop to produce an anthology entitled Distant Horizons. Now, in 2017, with the encouragement of our publisher, High Tide Publications, Inc. the James City Poets are proud to present their first solo anthology, Captured Moments. All eleven members contributed work to this volume, bringing their varied backgrounds, styles, and poetic voices for your enjoyment.

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