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Daughter of the Mountains

Daughter of the Mountains Cover.webp

$12.00 including free shipping

Daughter of the Mountains is a “dreams do come true” story, told with honesty and humor. It chronicles the journey of a coal miner’s daughter through childhood in the Appalachian Mountains, marriage, divorce, single parenting, travel and adventure with a new love, and the sometimes humorous aspects of growing older in our technological era. Woven throughout is respect for her Native American roots, a belief in the importance of family, the strength of love, and the enlightenment of aging. At the end of the story, you will feel as if your have made a new friend.The author commissioned artist, Vivien Mann, to create the cover, requesting that she combine the spirit of Sharon’s Cherokee ancestors with the essence of the mountains -- it’s emerald green forests, sapphire skies, and crystal clear streams. The result was “Spirit Guide.”

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